Pearl Nest Bracelet Tutorial

This simple tiger-tail wire bracelet creates a wire nest effect without the need for any wire work! Using jewellery chain extenders, which are relatively inexpensive and easy to find, and any large round beads you can create this stunning bangle bracelet.


What you’ll need

  • Tiger tail wire
  • Wire guardians
  • Crimp beads
  • Jump rings
  • Clasp
  • 8-10mm pearl beads
  • Chain extenders



1. First, I have linked my clasp directly to the wire guardian so that I do not require the extra link with a jump ring. This is dependent on the clasp you use. You can add it at the end using a jump ring if you prefer.


2. Thread tiger tail wire through wire guardian.


3. Place a crimp bead onto both ends of wire, and close using pliers to secure the wire.



3. Thread your first bead onto the wire. Make sure you hide the short end of the wire within this bead.


4. Place an extender onto the wire and ensure that the wire passes through each link.


5. Push threaded extender up to the bead – notice how it folds up on itself creating the nest effect.


6. Continue to thread alternating beads and extenders to preferred bracelet length.


7. After the final bead has been added, add a crimp bead.


8. Add a wire guardian and thread back down through the crimp bead and pearl.


9. Close the crimp bead using pliers. Trim the wire tail using wire cutters as close to its exit from the bead as possible – tuck any extra under the extender.


10. Attach other end of clasp using a jump ring.



The finished product!

Variations of this bracelet can be made with different beads, clasps or metal finishes on findings.

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