Lampwork Heart Crystal Earrings Tutorial

These earrings are super simple to make and don’t need many beads which makes them great for using up leftovers from other projects. You just need a couple of feature beads – one for each earring – and something sparkly for the drops. I have used the beads shown below for this version but feel free to mix it up.

I love lampwork beads as they’re all slightly different. They really give the handmade and unique feel to each piece they are used in. lampwork-earrings-what-youll-need

What you’ll need

  • Ear wires
  • 2 eye pins
  • 6 head pins
  • 2 lampwork heart beads
  • 6 crystal bicones
  • 6 seed beads
  • round nose pliers



How to make the earrings

1.   Use wire cutters to trim the head pins into 3 sizes. Cut two together to ensure the     earrings are symmetrical.

2. Place a bicone crystal and a seed bead on each of the head pins.


3.   Use your round nose pliers to form a loop at the top of each of your headpins.


4.  Group your headpins with one of each size for each earring. They might need tightening up to make sure the loop is closed.


5.    Place lampwork heart bead onto a eye pin. Use your round nose pliers to close the open end of wire into a loop. Keep this loop open to allow you to load the headpins on.


6.    Place the headpins into this loop, with the shortest first and the longest second.


7.    Close the loop to secure the headpins. Repeat with the other earring.


8.    Connect the free loop on the lampwork heart to an ear wire.

And you’re done! Try making these with different colour and shape lampwork beads. Sign up below to receive new tutorials and inspiration to your inbox directly.



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