Crystal Squares Beaded Ring Tutorial

Whip up this adorable ring in half an hour at home from leftover beads with this beaded ring tutorial!

What you’ll need:crystal squares tutorial ring ingredients bordered.jpg

  • 8 x 4mm crystal bicones – 4 of each colour
  • 2 x 6mm bugle beads
  • 11/0 seed beads
  • 4mm pearls for the ring band
  • beading thread & needle – for my thread I am using Ultima Power Plus Monofil as it is super strong but still thin and clear enough to make it almost invisible in my work.


  1.  First, string your ring band beads. The crystal component of this ring measures approximately 18mm across, so add enough length in this band section to make the correct size. I used nine 4mm pearls with a seed bead between each and one at the beginning and end. This makes a size L ring so adjust to your size requirements.


2. Now add the first part of the crystal section. Being careful not to lose the beads which are already strung.

Add a bicone, a seed, a bugle, a seed and another bicone.


3. Using your beading needle, pass the tread back through all of the band beads to form a loop. Exit the last seed bead in the band (before the first bicone). It should look like this.


4. Now thread a bicone, a seed bead, a bugle, a seed and a bicone.


5. Pass through the seed bead on the other side of the crystal section – the first seed bead on the band section. Then pass your thread all the way through the band section again and pull taught. It should look like this now.


6. After exiting the last seed bead on the band section, pass your thread though the top bicone and the seed bead next to it.


7. Add a bicone of your second colour, a seed bead and another bicone. Thread through the bottom bugle bead. This should leave the two bicones you just added poking out in a V shape.


8. Pass though the next seed bead and bicone bead, then skip the band section this time by threading straight up through the seed bead above. Then pass through the seed bead next to it. In the photo below, I have flipped the work over so the top is now on the bottom.


9. Add a bicone and thread through the seed bead at the angle of the V shape (between the two bicones you just added on the other side).


10. Exiting the centre seed bead, add another bicone and pass through the top left seed bead and its neighbouring bicone.


11. Now you have formed the crystal section. If you are happy with the tension and how it sits, tie off your threads and you’re done! I will usually thread through the crystal section beads again to tighten it up a little and ensure all the beads sit just right.


12. Once you’re happy with the tension, tie off the ends and thread the tails into the piece.



Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoy making these adorable little rings! Subscribe below for more beaded jewellery tutorials direct to your inbox.

P.S   I did worry that some of the photos weren’t too clear with regards to adding the crystals in the front. Let me know if you have any difficulties and I’ll make a video to clear it up!



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